WordPress is a lovely tool, no doubt, but requires a bit too much thought and effort when all a bitch wants is to write. This year is teaching me to own who I am and to celebrate my strengths and my weaknesses. My shadow is as deserving of love as the shiny person I project to the world. Thus I have decided to migrate my writing over to Substack. I have been wanting to write more than poetry and felt my current theme wasn’t quite right, but I just haven’t had the bandwidth to “WORK” on it and unforch… it is not easy, nor for my brain — intuitive. As fate would have it, I discovered an ad for Substack (likely from Google reading my mind) and the rest will be herstory at montrescher.substack.com. I invite you to follow me there, as I will likely be taking this site down by the end of the year. Starting fresh in 2021 seems apropos anyway. Onward and upward! ❤

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