Lunch break

This (and others I will post) is not a new poem, but a slightly reworked one from years ago. In this covid cave experience, I have found myself looking back to old writings, old papers and books; finding peculiar citations and a multitude of highlighted passages i’d since forgotten about. I have also found several unfinished poems, perhaps waiting these years for me to find the right words. this one feels particularly relevant today.


They fear that I will figure out
That beautiful is not without

They pretend they do not see
That beautiful began with me

They tremble when I start to smile
Especially when it lasts a while

They like to think they’ve got me pegged
That I’m two-eyed and I’m two-legged

They want to see my amber feet
Resist arrest accept defeat

They ask me to align with them
Remove myself from where I’ve been

They take the gifts I never gave
Forget that I was once their slave

They say I overindulge my anger
That docile, I am less a stranger

They crave me when my lips are sealed
No hint of righteousness revealed

They run for safety when I rise
Leaving blood stains on my thighs

I rise alone most everyday
and blood stains can be washed away.

photo credit: Gagan Vishwakarma